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Community Management

Uber Eats

We helped Uber Eats on their 2021 Australian Open campaign involving Sacha Baron Cohen playing the rogue empire.

Little Me handled all community management tasks related to the Australian Open promo through the Uber Eats social accounts. We also managed and published all Instagram story content relating to the campaign.








Director of Design at Petal

The Challenge

To create an unforgettable fan experience as thousands of fans watched the Australian Open and competed to earn prizes on UberEats.

We had to devise a community management strategy that:

  1. Addressed hundreds of fan questions about game mechanics in realtime while building fan engagement.
  2. Managed content, posting tailored Instagram stories in real-time and in perfect synchrony with live matches.
  3. Elevated and safeguarded the Uber Eats brand.

The concept

We knew our greatest challenge would be being able to swiftly and precisely answer fan questions in real time.

We were in charge not only of the Australian Open game mechanic questions, but also troubleshooting, general UberEats enquiries related to the Australian Open and both minimising the impact of negative comments as well as magnifying the influence of positive ones.

We managed this process through 4 key strategies:

  1. Had a team of implementation experts monitoring all matches in real time to ensure the game mechanic Instagram stories were posted on time with absolute precision.
  2. Brainstorming every possible question prior to the start of the event and preparing pre-approved, precise answers.
  3. Meticulously recording, analysing and reporting every fan comment and message received throughout event days.
  4. Personalising every single response given to ensure UberEats' characteristic witty, cheeky, friendly tone was portrayed successfully throughout every interaction.

The Results

We managed all partner posts, including McDonald's, Ben & Jerry's, Hungry Jacks, Subway and Domino's, perfectly, with the Instagram stories being launched in perfect unison with the match, which led to a 15,000% increase in reach and over 102k prizes being delivered.

We also engaged with thousands of fans, responding to over 5,000 direct messages and comments, which helped drive a 600% increase in interactions. What did all this involve? Turning angry, frustrated comments into happy satisfied customers.

Engaging conversations of brand love and appreciation and sorting through every single comment and direct message to draw invaluable insights and ensure the activation was successful.

But, most importantly, we helped elevate the UberEats brand, created an unforgettable experience for fans throughout the Australian Open, and turned a challenge into a brand win to be remembered.