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Content Production / Paid Social Advertising

Amino Z

We created video / graphic content and ran paid social advertising for Amino Z's 15 year anniversary campaign.








"The quality was excellent and clearly a cut above that of many contractors that we have worked with in the past. We'll be using this video on Facebook and Instagram to promote the brand. Ben was also extremely responsive. I highly recommend Little Me Media"

Jay Bonaretti
CEO of Amino Z

The challenge

Amino Z came to us looking to take the return on their campaigns to the next level. Despite having run dozens of social media conversion campaigns targeting different audiences, they felt their ROAS was inconsistent and had room for improvement. After a consultation, we were given the task of devising a simple, low-cost strategy to drive greater returns on social media investments.

The solution

After a thorough analysis of their account, we uncovered three opportunities to improve the media strategy:

  • Targeting broader audiences to lower average CPM and drive greater results at lower costs.
  • Target interest-based audiences to avoid over relying on retargeting audiences, prevent creative wear out, and bring new people in the sales funnel.
  • Develop visually striking, thumb-stopping content that would grab people's attention, stop them in their tracks, and present Amino Z's products in the most compelling way possible.

The Results

After only two weeks of running a new conversions campaign using both our video asset and new audiences, we were able to secure dozens of sales across both cold and warm audiences. We also introduced many new customers into the funnel, getting hundreds of individuals to visit the Amino Z website and carry out key actions like adding products to their shopping cart.

Most importantly, we delivered the type of return Amino Z had been after, with a ROAS of 7.6. This not only helped Amino Z's management team realise there was a real opportunity to drive business results through social but was the seed for a strong, long-lasting partnership.